Random things lol

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Random things lol

Post  Admin on Sun Nov 14, 2010 7:31 pm

*It's like kissing a damn SNOWMAN!


*I completed it...completely

*Look at my hooooooves, I have hooooooves!

*My check engine light was on?..would that be from a broken axle or something..?

*Dude I think my rocket is running on 2 cylinders.."Kyle the gas tank is loose and that's the noise your hearing"..Uh its losing power though.."Kyle I just took your bike for a ride and it runs just like it always has...lol

*"Kyle are you sleeping?" Sleeping?! no I wasn't sleeping. I was resting my eyes!!! THEY HURT!!

*Kyle you need to learn how to read better.." Read better?! how do I learn how to read better"?!

*Kyle recently found a juicer in the cabinet...Hey guys i found this juicer in the cabinet!!..Where did all of our fruit go?!...I juiced all of them! lol Where are my two bags or carrots? ..Um i juiced those too!! JUICE!!!!!


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